Introductory on how we run each & every project.

 We've found over the last couple of years more and more people are falling subject to what I could only call ROGUE TRADERS!!!

Therefore we pride ourselves in giving excellent services with no nasty hidden extras!!

How we work our projects!

.First of we come out free of charge to see what each customers needs are, take measurements, talk through ideas etc most customers have a rough idea on what they want if not we do offer a garden design service for a relatively small charge. once happy We then go away and work out a detailed quotation.

. If the customer is then happy with there FREE quotation we would then supply you with a very detailed plan of what your project consists of (materials etc), how and when it will be done, costs and payment methods. 

.Once Everything is finalised and ready for your new exciting project to commence we start by taking pictures of the existing area and the initial rip/dig out. We then take pictures in 3/4 different stages right through to the end of the project so each customer is supplied with detailed pictures of how there project was done, giving reassurance that there work was carried out properly, plus it's always nice to see what your hard earned money is being spent on!!


Please click on the image to see our design services starting with simple lay-outs from £30.00

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